August 2019 | Vol 10 | Issue 8

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In all likelihood you would have encountered a TATA product or service in the few hours since you woke up this morning. Perhaps, you may not be aware that you experienced a heritage stretching back to over 150 years. Well, most of the millennial folks.

This issue of SATTVA is a journey of the Group since its inception in 1868 and its role in the shaping the economic, scientific and entrepreneurial spirit of India. And the code of business ethics.

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So when, where and how did the journey begin? What was the primary motivation?

Get a sepia-tinted visual experience of the TATA journey from its first enterprise to becoming salt-to-aerospace conglomerate - its focus areas at different points of generational shifts; emphasis on human dignity and placing of national significance above everything. More

If there is one business entity that truly exemplifies an engaged organization (much before the term entered management lexicon), it has to be the TATA Group. The TATA philosophy is much more than the sum of its parts. While growth is essential, it is never at the cost of its core value system. A value system built on ethics and human dignity.

Starting with the India's first steel plant at Jamshedpur in 1907, the deeply entrepreneurial and patriotic Group has established several industries of national importance. The pattern of corporate behaviour of the House of Tatas was established by the business ideas, strategies, and ethics of Jamsetji Tata.

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