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Thus began Apple’s commercial that marked Steve Jobs’ comeback and the now legendary overhaul of the iconic firm.

Few corporations have made as much impact as Apple Inc., having revolutionized six industries so far – Personal computing, Animated movies, Music, Telephony, Tablet computing, and Digital publishing. The firm offers great insights and lessons on organization and individual development.

Whatever you need to know about Apple Inc. is here, without fanboy exaggeration or fluff.

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What exactly makes an Apple product insanely great? What is so enchanting about the Apple experience? Is it the design sophistication? The technology brilliance?

This video is an epic visual sweep of the Apple story since inception in 1976 -- its corporate DNA, Steve Jobs’ personality traits, the many ups and downs it went through, and its position today. Observe the streak of rebelliousness and unconventional thinking that has marked the company's products all along. More

This Research note goes deep into the psyche of the firm, its design approach and the many intuitive and explicit actions that influence product development.

Walter Isaacson, Steve Job’s biographer considers the following attributes as keys to Apple’s success.

1. Focus: Deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do.
2. Simplicity: Zero in on the essence and eliminate unnecessary things.
3. When behind, leapfrog: Leapfrog, if you're behind industry trends.
4. Products before profits: Make great products. Profits will come.
5. Think ahead: Have an instinctive feel for customers' unformed desires.
6. Bend reality: Achieve the “unachievable”. Innovate the “impossible”.
7. Push for perfection: Don't rest till the conception is perfect.
8. Stay hungry, stay foolish: Never lose the hunger for new experiences.

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