June 2019 | Vol 10 | Issue 6

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An adult individual's identity is defined by the work he/she does, at home or the workplace.

Though "Work" carries a simple meaning, it is perhaps the most studied subject in management. Simply because an organization's survival, growth and prosperity is directly dependent on how Work is performed.

The video and research note in this issue of Sattva show that Work is not just an activity to accomplish an objective. It has a deeper meaning as well.

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So, what exactly is Work?

Here, Dr. Sunil Maheshwari, Dean - Samatvam Academy - goes beyond the basic meaning of Work and emphasizes the importance of judgment and discretion (or Buddhi) in arriving at decisions. And why the interplay of overt knowledge and an underlying awareness is needed to grasp the complexity of a situation.

Dr. Maheshwari adds that as Artificial Intelligence and automation steadily transform the workplace, the role of human consciousness becomes more relevant than ever. More

This sweeping research note highlights two distinct but conjoined themes that govern "Work" as a deliberate activity for sustenance and growth.

One is the evolution of Work from the days of agriculture, to skill-driven occupations, to the rise of assembly-line factories, to today's automation-driven smart workplaces. Two, the note dissects the concept of Work - the need, motivation, activity, result and the role of the mind and body (Buddhi) in the transaction. The note covers topics like:

* Essence Of Work
* Historical Evolution of Work
* Impact of Artificial Intelligence on work
* Role of Buddhi in Mental Processing

Read the full note.

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