May 2019 | Vol 10 | Issue 5

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All of us have a deep desire to fulfill our true potential. While the aspiration is fantastic, only a few take the necessary initiative in understanding and implementing the fundamental scientific principles that govern access to high energy reserves within ourselves. This calls for flexibility in thinking and intelligent use of nature's laws as it could be something as simple as the right seating posture, but one that many wouldn't know.

The excellent video and research note in this issue of Sattva elaborate on meditation as a means to access the life energy; energy that is key to achieving success in any walk of life.

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Meditation is the key to good health, inner peace and higher awareness of life-energy. But only a few know how it really works.

Sri M, a living master and an acknowledged authority on ancient texts, takes you through the science of meditation as described by Sage Patanjali in the timeless text Yoga Sutras. He reveals how meditation can activate each cell of the body to enable the mind give total attention to the moment, elevating oneself to a state of timeless tranquility.

Additionally, a number of leading scientists give an account of the benefits that one can achieve through meditation and alongwith with strong scientific evidence for it. More

Siddhi is defined as the attainment of a relaxed and harmonious state of mind. It is the ideal, scientific and non-religious process to maximize human life energy potential.

This research note by G. Srinivasan, an expert on Sankhya, dives deep into the scientific principles underlying Siddhi and elaborates how we can tap into our genetic ensemble to reach maximum efficiency and absorb the abundance of life energy around us.

For instance, in Siddhi one will lose all sense of the passage of time. Since it is a mechanical process that follows the same unique natural law of the gravitational field too, the Siddhi state ends in 21 minutes. On completing a perfect Siddhi cycle you would find that 21 minutes would have passed but your own awareness may give you the feeling that it was just a couple of minutes.

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