November 2019 | Vol 10 | Issue 11

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The quest to excel is perhaps one of the oldest human instincts. What is about Excellence that provokes and drives human endeavor? From an organizational perspective, how does Individual Excellence fit in with the larger corporate agenda?

This issue of SATTVA delves deep into the perennial human desire to do better than earlier, regardless of the heights already attained. The remarkable thing is that this quest holds good in just about any sphere.

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Do Excellence and Perfection mean the same? No, they don't. This video, anchored by Ms. Aarti Maheshwari, Director - Samatvam Academy elaborates how Individual Excellence is the relentless quest of a person to accomplish the very best. Perfection, on the other hand, involves satisfying social demands.

Individual Excellence represents a way of working that involves smart deployment of resources, handling of conflicts, the setting of processes and personal discretion, all underlined by a sense of yogic mindfulness. More

The pursuit of excellence is about a certain attitude; a particular personality type. It is about an inner sense of purpose that drives one to excel and forge a game changing impact.

This Research Note meticulously explains the three stage process that enables one to deliver excellence in a chosen sphere of activity, be it arts, sciences, sports or professional pursuits.

1. FRAME: Organize, or gather together, the input resources
2. FOCUS: Align the input resources so as to direct these towards a focal point
3. FLOW: Carefully synchronize the resources, in order to initiate the result

Each stage operates concurrently across affective, cognitive and dimensions of one’s personality.

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