October 2019 | Vol 10 | Issue 10

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Food is central to human existence. So is the food industry to the economy.

In that context, we would like to draw your attention to one unique business organization: Whole Foods Market. It is a socially-conscious retail enterprise that has mastered the art of making available natural and environmentally-friendly food products at scale; much before the term “organic” became fashionable.

This issue of Sattva is about the business idea that grew into multi-billion dollar enterprise, taking in its stride admiration, criticism, and acceptance.

The Editorial Team

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A sweeping visual commentary of the Whole Foods saga - from its origin in 1980 to getting acquired by Amazon in 2017. The journey through the decades opens up the retailer’s mission, challenges, focus on teamwork and learning through the years.

The video gives an insight into the motivations of John Mackey and his team in building a culture that did not turn food into a soulless commodity. More

A business idea, however noble in intent, needs to be grounded in hard business fundamentals. Whole Foods Market’s longevity is a testimony to its strong foundation, organizational culture and sense of purpose.

This note dissects the organization’s vision, mission and execution, and how diligently it maps itself on the following parameters, continuously:

* Customer satisfaction
* Team member happiness and excellence
* Return on capital investment
* Improvement in the state of environment
* Local and larger community support

Read the full note.

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