September 2019 | Vol 10 | Issue 9


There is no doubt that work is an important source of self-esteem and respect for human beings.

To ensure that a person works to the best of his/her abilities, a supporting organizational structure is required. This establishes values and practices that greatly increase effectiveness by taking advantage of the skills of people at all levels.

Building a holistic organization is an applied art. Every case is unique, and requires specific comprehension of the circumstances. Read on to know what goes into building an effective organizational structure.

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As every consummate manager knows, the master key to organizational effectiveness is individual fulfillment. This can only be achieved by establishing a holistic organizational structure, coupled with an appreciative mode of functioning. This facilitates the appropriate delegation of work and clarifies who is to do what.

Dr. Sunil Maheshwari, Dean - Samatvam Academy - explains the seven levels of progressively increasing work complexity and accountability in the typical organization structure, and the relationship between them. More
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Every business organization desires to play a positive role in the development of a robust society.

But an organization is made up of people. As a structured social entity, the organization is characterized by a coordinated activity system that remains in close and continuous interaction with its external environment.

This note explains the hierarchy of seven strata and the technique of aligning appropriate levels of work complexity with the cognitive capacity of the employees at each strata. These are: a) Worker, b) Supervisor, c) Manager, d) Executive, e) Leader, f) Director, and g) Chairperson.

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