APRIL 2020 | Vol 11 | Issue 4

Imagine being blind for a moment. Blank out all your memories. Isn't it an extremely miserable thought?

Over 80% of the blind, especially among the poorest, can get back their eyesight if timely treatment is within reach. It was this gap that Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy felt deeply provoked to address. Thus was born the Aravind Eye Care System.

In this time of national crisis and personal apprehension, Dr. Venkataswamy’s saga is an inspiring read of what one individual and an institution can accomplish.

The Editorial Team
THE ARAVIND EYE CARE SYSTEM: Crafting a post-retirement eye care revolution

After his retirement in 1976, Dr. G. Venkataswamy started a 11-bed non-profit eye care clinic in a small effort to bring the joy of eyesight to poor people suffering from avoidable blindness.

That initiative has today morphed into the world’s largest and most productive eye care services group, and has treated 40 million patients and performed 5 million eye surgeries.

The scale of the problem in India can be understood frm the fact that even today AECS conducts 8 -10 eye camps per week. More

The massive scale and sustainable success the Aravind Eye Care System in bringing eye care to the needy sections of the society (including the poorest located in far-flung villages) is made possible by the McDonalds-inspired model of standardisation, scale, product recognition, accessibility and service efficiency.

Consequently, the viability of AECS rests on three pillars:

a) High volume
b) High quality
c) Affordable cost

Grasp the full merit of AECS as a remarkable entity that holds valuable lessons to all kinds of people and organizations. Read the full note.

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