December 2020 | Vol 11 | Issue 12

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# Techie? Yogi ? Or both?

What does the future hold for a youngster?

# Do a good thing today. Appreciate.
The term itself has a warm and positive aura.

# Let's be clear. Just any activity is not work.

The "science" of work in an organization.

# WHAT and HOW of goal accomplishment.

Accomplishing goals in a predictable manner.

# Do you use Intellect & Intuition equally?

Both are needed to arrive at sound decisions.


The Business Executive in a modern corporate organization operates within a setting that is characterized by diverse stakeholders with widely varying and conflicting needs, values, and perspectives.

To grapple and succeed amidst several mutually opposing priorities at any given time calls for a judicious mix of entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills.

This issue of Sattva is about how Business Executives can manage to synergistically together numerous contrasting perspectives towards the larger collective benefit of an organization.

The Editorial Team
VIDEO: THE BUSINESS EXECUTIVE: The need for Entrepreneurial skills to transcend contrasts, conflicts & dilemmas

The ability to sniff a business opportunity in a challenging situation is the most identifiable hallmark of an Entrepreneur. As Dr. Sunil Maheshwari, Dean – Samatvam Academy explains through interesting anecdotes, the Business Executive's skills to transcend contrasts, conflicts, and dilemmas in course of their daily work life.

Dr. Sunil points out the Business Executive's ability to successfully carry out two opposing priorities like making long-term plans while fulfilling short-term demands among many other skills. More

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The present-day business environment is so volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) that organizations necessarily are forced to be simultaneously entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial to explore newer ways of creating value. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs play a decisive role, as they help the organizations to engage in new business and enter new markets.

Entrepreneurship has been defined as the process of creating something new with value by devoting the necessary time, effort, and great risk. While Intrapreneurship is entrepreneurship within existing organizations and usually carries much lesser personal risks. Intrapreneurs exhibit some unique behavioural traits. The seven important ones are:

1. Personal Initiative
2. Opportunity Exploration
3. Idea Generation
4. Issue Selling and Championing
5. Taking Charge
6. Overcoming Obstacles
7. Bearing Uncertainty and Risk

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Engage!: Co-creating Organizational Vitality and Individual Fulfilment

Excerpt #3a: Case: The Jaipur Foot
The Jaipur Foot is a low cost, artificial lower limb that is manufactured in India and has transformed the lives of innumerable amputees in several countries.

The story goes back to 1968 when Dr. Pramod Karan Sethi was working as an orthopedic surgeon at the Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Hospital in Jaipur. The hospital’s rehabilitation centre provided treatment to amputees.

Read the full story of Japur Foot in the book ENGAGE!. Available here.

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