July 2020 | Vol 11 | Issue 7

Great leadership never fails to fascinate. It is a subject that has intrigued observers across human civilizations and cultures. That said, the value, learning and insight it offers are perenially fresh to leadership practitioners in varied walks of life.

In the current uncertain scenario, the longevity of many an organization will depend on the quality of its leadership, and ability to tide over volatility and fear. This issue reveals the qualities and framework of Transformational Leadership that this time aptly calls for.

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The Editorial Team
Transformational Leadership: Generating Collective Energy & Commitment

What distinguishes a great leader from just a leader? A lot. However, one trait stands out. The former has the ability to build a vision for the future, inspire, draw competent doers and deliver.

In this five-minute video, Ms. Aarti Maheshwari, Director - Samatvam Academy discusses Transformational Leadership with Dr. Sunil Maheshwari and Mr. Dilbag Singh who dissect the subject in intricate detail. More

Can Transformational Leadership lead to a high-performance culture? This detailed note examines the phenomenon of leadership from early times to the present day and recommends the means to achieve Transformational Leadership goals.

Transformational change comes about through a spiral of three processes that are performed concurrently, as below:

a) Appreciation: An inspired search for the core “heritage” in the form of the core strengths and values

b) Visualization: Arriving at a shared understanding of what people want to collectively be (mission) and become (vision) such that the enterprise may sustain into eternity.

c) Actualization: Working in a spirit of service towards the realization of the organizational vision

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