June 2020 | Vol 11 | Issue 6

Interface is the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpets with revenue exceeding $1 Billion. What ensures its place in the history of business is this achievement - its entire portfolio is Carbon Neutral. But it did not happen overnight.

This issue is about the company’s journey in reinventing itself completely, inside out. And in the process, telling the entire industrial world the truth and logic of sustainability in all its dimensions: People, Process, Product, Place, and Profit

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The Editorial Team
Interface Inc. Reuse, Reclaim, Recycle. And Redesign

Ray Anderson, the CEO and Founder of Interface Inc. talks about his primary motivation (after an epiphany in 1994), and determination to transform the company into the world’s first large-sized industrial enterprise with Zero Carbon footprint.

The company is a remarkable business case of industry-scale sustainability in practice. It takes nothing from the earth that is not rapidly and naturally renewable, and does no harm to the biosphere. More

The desire to become a carbon-neutral company is one thing. To build up the business practices and stay motivated to achieve the end goal, is another.

This note describes in detail the various steps taken by the company over a 20-year time span to accomplish what it set out to do. Few points:

a) To convert Interface into a restorative enterprise – first to reach sustainability and then to become restorative.

b) To put back more than we ourselves take, and doing good to Earth (not just no harm) by helping or influencing others to reach toward sustainability.

c) Reduce, reuse, reclaim, recycle, and redesign. Adopt, advance, and share best practices. Develop sustainable technologies, and invest in them when it makes economic sense.

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