March 2020 | Vol 11 | Issue 3

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The Manager's role, interestingly, is one of the most analysed topics in management theory. Expected, because the Manager is the person who finally "gets the job done", whatever be the organization's size, type or class.

The Manager has to work at peak effectiveness and navigate several forces in order to help an organization achieve its goals. That said, is there a method to managerial effectiveness? There is, as this issue explains.

The Editorial Team
MANAGERIAL EFFICACY: Maximum output; minimal resources

Dr. Sunil Maheshwari, Dean – Samatvam Academy explains the fine nuances of a Manager’s role; how he/she has to align individual interests with organizational goals, balance resources and relationships, such that the larger corporate objectives are met.

The role is as much about soft power as it is about hard power, and calls for a balance during various stages of judgement and decision-making. More

How does one go about developing Managerial Efficacy?

A Manager is expected to do a multitude of things simultaneously. This note explains the three stage structure that helps him/her overcome challenges to achieve peak effectiveness:

a) Affirmation
b) Accomplishment
c) Amalgamation

Each of the stages operate concurrently across the affective, cognitive and behavioral dimensions of the human personality. Read the full note.

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