May 2020 | Vol 11 | Issue 5


There are Executives and there are Entrepreneurial Executives. An enterprise grows because of the creative spirit of the latter; a spirit that embraces a diverse set of competing values, priorities or perspectives that appear to be in mutual conflict, and ultimately secures favourable outcomes.

This issue is about ENTREPRENEURIAL SYNERGY; about entrepreneurially oriented executives. Get an insight into their ability to examine situations from previously unexplored perspectives, take significant risks, and remain operationally nimble.

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The Editorial Team
ENTREPRENEURIAL SYNERGY: What is needed for a win-win outcome

In this video, Ms. Aarti Maheshwari - Director, Samatvam Academy explains how growing an enterprise consistently calls for the ability to transform the competitive relationship between various variables into one of partnership.

It is here that smart Executives manage to synergistically fuse together numerous contrasting perspectives amidst convoluted circumstances towards collective benefit. They keep the big picture in mind while working on individual segments of a problem. More

Executives always operate in an organizational setting that is characterized by diverse stakeholders with widely conflicting agendas.

An Entrepreneurial Executive can get work done in such a scenario by adopting a three step framework:

1. Respect: Acknowledge merit in each of the respective values.
a) Inclusion b) Inquiry c) Insight

2. Reconcile: Integrate and harmonize the apparently competing or conflicting values.
a) Integration b) Dialogue c) Retroduction

3. Realize:Harness the benefits that arise from the complementarity of these values.
a) Resonance b) Resolution c) Innovation

This framework helps Executives to arrive at a harmonious outcome in any situation of divergence. Read the full note.

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