May 2021 | Vol 12 | Issue 5

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# Engagement based on strengths

# MBA - Management by Absence

# Accountability and engagement

# World's LARGEST eyecare system

# Just any activity is NOT work

# Intellect or Intuition? Find out

# WORK and use of Buddhi


Every great organization comprises many foundational building blocks.

One of them is the culture that respects different perspectives and individuals, and is aware of the business environment it is operating in. This corporate mindset is crucial for an organization to generate synergy and learning to power its growth.

Instilling this culture isn't easy and demands a conscious effort by the management. This issue of Sattva explains the tools and techniques that can be used to develop this clarity of thought and action.

The Editorial Team
VIDEO: The foundational role of Respect in Synergy. The tale of the flowerwoman and the fisherwoman

The finest respect one can accord to a person is to view his/her perspective without the filter of our prejudices, fears, and desires. This clarity lies in the heart of the notion called respect.

Dr. Sunil Maheshwari, Dean – Samatvam Academy emphasizes why respect is the first step towards learning and elaborates on its elements - inclusion, inquiry, and insight. He explains how perceptual flexibility helps executives to recognize complementarity in situations where others see only conflict. More
RESEARCH NOTE: Market and Industry analysis - The first systematic step to evaluate a business opportunity

Business ideas and opportunities are dime a dozen. However, every apparent opportunity needs to be validated through a rigorous market analysis framework. This research note explains some of the proven and practical approaches recommended by top management thinkers to evaluate a business opportunity.

Broadly, the market and industry analysis framework comprises the following steps:

1. Evaluating Business Opportunities

2. Market Domain
2.1. Macro (Market sizing)
2.2 Micro (1. Market Segment Attractiveness Analysis 2. Additional Considerations in Analysis of International Markets)

3. Industry Domain
3.1. Macro (1. Threat of New Entrants. 2. Bargaining Power of Suppliers. 3. Bargaining Power of Buyers. 4. Threat of Substitutes. 5. Rivalry among existing competitors. 6. How to use Five Forces Framework)
3.2. Micro
3.2.1. Analysis of Competition

Read the full note.

Engage!: Co-creating Organizational Vitality and Individual Fulfilment

Excerpt #7: Individual Excellence
By their very nature, human beings seek to gainfully employ their intrinsic abilities - whether in employment, professional service, entrepreneurial work, or even running a home. People yearn for the opportunity to perform challenging work that employs their capability.

Individual workers are expected to achieve the assigned tasks through the diligent use of their personal skills in different functional areas. They leverage technology, bring skilled knowledge into play, apply personal judgment, and make decisions such that the impediments to task accomplishment are suitably overcome.

Read more about the Individual Excellence in the book ENGAGE!. Available here.

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