September 2021 | Vol 12 | Issue 9

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# The story of a worried man and the smart tailor

# Feeling of lightness and perfect equilibrium

# Good health is not the absence of disease

# CONSCIOUSNESS is to living what Electricity is to the bulb

# AWARENESS: Like churning needed to extract butter

# STRATEGY: Story of the master burglar and protege

# STEWARDSHIP: All humanity is made of the same life energy


Business history is replete with cases and anecdotes of hubris, lack of vision, sloth or plain incompetence. The 21st century competitive paradigm is ruthless and has dramatically shortened the life expectancy of corporates, big and small. To survive, thrive, and prosper in this scenario, a company must get its strategy right.

The video and research note in this issue of Sattva focus on two aspects of corporate longevity - Learnability and a Bias for strategic action. Both dig deep into the subject through live cases and deep academic conviction. Needless to say, they're highly educative.

The Editorial Team
VIDEO: REINVENTION: Excruciatingly painful, but necessary. How Nokia and Kodak collapsed, and IBM lived on for another day.

Every organization has to periodically remake or revise its sense of purpose. It is all the more pertinent in today's globalized economy. Reinvention elevates the essential core of the organization and leads to a necessary reawakening.

Dr. Sunil Maheshwari, Dean – Samatvam Academy reflects on organizations like Nokia and Kodak who relied on past laurels and dug themselves to the ground, whereas a company like IBM reinvented itself to become what it is today. More

If Strategy Formulation is about planning, Strategy Implementation is about action. And rightly so, implementation is the number one concern of CEOs everywhere. Without an action-driven culture, all talk of strategy is meaningless.

Strategy implementation can be classified into four categories: Content, Context, Process and Outcome.

1. Content
Managers need to understand that the process of strategy formulation itself can affect strategy implementation stage. Good execution cannot overcome the shortcomings of a bad strategy or a poor strategic planning effort.

2. Process
Process is the means by which a strategy is activated. According to Professor Azar Kazmi, activation of strategies can be depicted in the form of a pyramid.
   2.1. Operational Plans
   2.2. Resource Allocation
   2.3. Control Mechanism

3. Context
An organization may formulate strategy to capture opportunities or counter threats emanating from external environment. At times, developments in the internal environment may also call for formulation of new strategy.
   3.1. Internal Context
   3.2. External environmental uncertainty

4. Outcome
A strategy can have both intended and unintended outcomes. Intended outcome of strategy are often measured in financial terms. But operational and management control systems that are built around financial measures and targets, often bear little relation to the company’s progress in achieving long-term strategic objectives.

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Engage!: Co-creating Organizational Vitality and Individual Fulfilment

Excerpt #10: Entrepreneurial Synergy
The executive role demands excellence from a functional as well as a business perspective. While functional maturity translates as the ability to think about the function from multiple perspectives, business maturity involves the development of a holistic view of the business.

In order to serve customer needs, and create extraordinary value from limited resources without antagonizing any of the stakeholders, executives adapt as well as innovate their way along. In effect, corporate executives adopt an entrepreneurial approach to their work.

The process of entrepreneurship involves uncovering, seizing and developing an opportunity to create value, regardless of the adequacy of the material, capital and the human resources available with the enterprise.

Read more about the Entrepreneurial Synergy in the book ENGAGE!. Available here.

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