January 2022 | Vol 13 | Issue 1

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# The story of a worried man and the smart tailor

# Feeling of lightness and perfect equilibrium

# Good health is not the absence of disease

# CONSCIOUSNESS is to living what Electricity is to the bulb

# AWARENESS: Like churning needed to extract butter

# STRATEGY: Story of the master burglar and protege

# STEWARDSHIP: All humanity is made of the same life energy


Samatvam Academy wishes you 'a very happy and healthy 2022.

Now the past year is done and dusted, lets look forward to the new year and the promise it brings. As we all have experienced thus far, good health is the most important thing in the current scenario.

Fittingly, this year's Sattva begins with the Holistic Health series. The video and research note focus on good health, positive energy and the art of living holistically.

The Editorial Team
VIDEO: Health is wealth is not a boring cliche.

Good health is a prerequisite for individual as well as organizational success. Yet, this "commodity" is in tremendously short supply these days.

Dr. Sunil Maheshwari, Dean – Samatvam Academy articulates the strategies and actions that a person must put in place in order to enjoy optimum health, immunity and vitality. More

The health of the individual human being may be conceived of as the child of interrelated patterns of cosmic forces that progressively gains the appearance of being a socially distinct living entity, with an apparent ability to function willfully and relatively independently.

While the term personality is derived from the Greek word “persona”, which originally referred to an actor’s mask. This suggests that the human personality is merely an outward cloak that is overlaid upon a transcendent, inner self.

The different dimensions or levels that constitute the individual human personality may be summarized as follows:

1. Kaya (The Physical Body)
The physical body represents the outermost sheath of the human personality. It is composed of many different types of cells that coalesce together to create tissues and organ systems.

2. Prana (The Vital Energy)
Every material object appears to be a distinct piece of matter that is divided from other objects by the boundaries of space and time.

3. Manas (The Mind)
The external world of matter and energy appear to be a random flux, without any predictability or regularity in its patterns of interaction.

4. Buddhi (Intelligence)
The dynamic stream of sensations that arise from the mind is delivered to the faculty of human intelligence, which has two components: a) intellect, and b) intuition.

5. Chetana (Consciousness)
The elements of perception are seen to continuously appear and disappear in what we refer to as our “experience.” Yet, we remember deep sleep as a refreshing experience. How do we know the changes and variations in our experience?

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Engage!: Co-creating Organizational Vitality and Individual Fulfilment

Excerpt #11: Transformational Leadership
Leadership has been the most discussed, but perhaps the least understood, phenomenon across human civilizations and cultures. In the twenty-first century, it is considered to be more of a shared phenomenon. Leadership now regarded as the collective capacity of a community of people to co-create and shape its own future.

The leaders of business organizations are individuals who exercise ownership as well as responsibility for the integrated functioning of a fully resourced enterprise. They occupy the fifth stratum in the organization’s hierarchy of accountability.

Read more about the Transformational Leadership in the book ENGAGE!. Available here.

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